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Terms of Payment

When using our LUKES Inc. operated travel site and paying for our service by credit card, we provide the following credit card payment terms and conditions.

Please agree to our terms and conditions when paying by credit card.

After accepting this agreement, thank you for your credit card payment.

Article 1 (Use Of Credit Card)

Our company provides credit card payment as a form of payment for tour costs.

Please provide the credit card number, name, security code and expiration date for credit card payments.

Article 2 (Types Of Credit Card Accepted)

When using our credit card payment option, the types of credit card we accept are the following.

VISA Card (Including affliated cards)

MASTERCARD (Including affliated cards)

AMERICAN EXPRESS Card (Including affliated cards)

*Credit card payment may not be available on some items.

Article 3 (Payment Installments)

Only lump-sum payments available for all items on our website.

Article 4 (Handling Fee)

When purchasing items on our website, there is a currency conversion fee apart from the item price.

Article 5 (Payment Period)

In providing services on our website, we will state the type of contract on our website.

When registrated users reserve tour items or use our services related to travel businesses through our website, our company will notify registrated users by email or on our website in place of written terms and conditions based on Article 12-4-3 and Article 12-5-2 of the Travel Agency Act.

Article 6 (Securing A Reservation And Contract Completion)

When users choose credit card as payment, as soon as you click on [Reservation details, accept the terms of payment and pay by credit card], payment will be charged immediately to your credit card. Contract is completed when reservation has been comfirmed is displayed on your screen or when a notification of confirmed reservation email is sent.

Contract is not complete when credit card payment is not completed. Our company and airline companies are not responsible in any case when the contract is not complete.

Whether or not you receive the notification of confirmed reservation email, which is an acceptance of the travel contract, will not affect the contract completion. Any problems using our website or our services, any difficulty and obstacles during the trip will be solved based on the terms and conditions, conditions of contract, and other provisions. In addition, registered members and users, when our company suffers any damages due to violation of these terms and conditions, conditions of contract, and other provisions by registered members or users, our company will make a claim for damages towards our registered members or users.

Article 7 (Entering Credit Card Numbers, Name, Security Code and Expiration Date)

Please correctly enter your credit card number, name, security code and expiration date when making payments.

The contract will not be complete if the payment transaction is not complete when entering incorrect information. Please contact your credit card company when credit card payment is not properly completed. Our company is not responsible for any reasons/problems caused by contract incompletion.

When registered members or users enter false credit card information and/or when there are any damages due to any behavior our company deems inappropriate, we will make a claim for damages.

Article 8 (Refund When Cancelling)

When refund occurs after the credit card payment is completed, in principle, we will make a refund to your credit card but depending on various reasons, if and when we cannot make a refund to your credit card, we will wire the refund to your bank account but please take note that you will be responsible for any handling fee that may occur when wiring the refund to your bank account.

Article 9 (Change Of Reservation)

When increase and deduction of travelers, or changes to tour details occur, we will handle it as a new reservation. We will refund all payments made prior to the changes. And we will guide you to the new reservation page to make a payment once again.

Article 10 (Term And Method Of Balancing Fees Due To Changes and Cancellations)

Our website uses a thrid-party company for credit card transactions so it will take some time to process. It will be different for each credit card company but the refund method and term is as follows.

1. When the payment before making changes to the reservation is not processed/deducted, and when the payment after making changes to the reservation is complete.

(This method is often taken when making changes and cancellations immediately after the payment is completed, this may occur when changes and cancellations occur before the cut-off date of your credit card company.)

2. When the payment made before the changes and cancellations are processed/deducted, once making the payment for the changed or cancelled reservation is made, your credit card company will refund your payment that was made before the changes and cancellations.

(This method is often taken when changes and cancellations are made after your credit card company’s cut-off date and payment is already processed/deducted.)

Please contact your credit card company for term and method of balancing fees due to changes and cancellations.

Article 11 (Cancellation Of Reservation)

Our company will cancel reservations without notifying the user in the case of the following.

And we will not be responsible for any damages that may occur for cancellations due to the following reasons.

When users do not make payments by the due date we have set.

When full payment is not made.

When we are instructed to terminate the payment by your credit card company.

When unauthorized use is recognized.

Article 12 (Amendment Of This Agreement)

Changes may be made to this agreement withour prior notice.

Article 13 (Term Of Validity Of This Agreement)

From February 1st, 2018, this agreement is valid while our company provides credit card transactions.


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