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Terms Of Service

「Exclusive Japan Travel (hereinafter referred to as”Our Website”) travel website is operated by LUKES (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”). Registered members (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) of our site, customers who reserve/purchase our tour packages and customers (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) who use our travel information (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) on our site, must comply with the established rules in terms of service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”).

Article 1 (Compliance Of Terms)

1. Members and Users, when using our service, terms, and other agreements must accept and comply with the terms.

2. Members shall thoroughly check the individual terms and agreements set forth by service providers such as airlines, bus companies, cruise ship operators, accommodation facilities when using their services.

Article 2 (Using Our Service)

1. When accessing our website and using our services, it will be determined that you understood and agreed to our terms.

2. A section of the service we provide may not be available to users of a certain age.

Article 3 (User Environment)

The cost to access internet connection in order to use our website will be users responsibility. If and when we decide to charge a certain section or all of our website for a fee, we will notify our users on our website.

Article 4 (Member Registration)

1. The member registration process is complete only when the actual user agrees with the terms and fills out the registration form properly. You must fill out the registration forms accurately and with current information.

2. You will need a valid email address for member registration. This email address will be your member ID on our website.

3. You must be at least 18 years of age when registering for membership. Any users under the age of 18 will need parental consent prior to registering. Some sections of our website may not be available to members even if you are 18 years old or older.

Article 5 (Explanation Of Terms And Conditions)

When members use our services such as reserving/purchasing tour packages or when using our travel services through our website, instead of written terms and conditions, we will post on our website or send an email regarding the details of our company’s agreement based on Travel Agency Law Article 12-4 paragraph 3 and Article 12-5 paragraph 2.

Article 6 (Important Issued When Using Our Service)

1. Our service and information introduced in our site is posted by airline companies, bus companies, cruise operators and accommodation facilities. Unless otherwise provided or negligence by our company, we are not responsible for the information’s accuracy, superiority and intentions.

2. Registration for membership and making reservations and purchasing on our site can be done at the same time. Even if you cannot complete the reservation/purchase due to the restriction of remaining seats, the registration for membership may be complete.

3. When using our site or our services, any damages or troubles during the trip, shall be solved based on our agreement and terms and conditions.

Article 7 (Management of Membership Information)

1. Members are required to update their membership information when changes occur in a timely manner. Any changes or updates on your membership information can be done on our site. We will not be responsible or any trouble caused by deficiencies or errors regarding your membership information.

2. All members must be personally responsible to securely manage your ID and password used on our site and never share with a third party. Our company or our employees will never directly ask for your password.

3. Unless otherwise provided and regardless of negligence by the member, we will not be responsible for any troubles or problems that may occur when a third party uses your ID and password,

4. Our company may change or delete any registered content without notifying the member when deficiencies or errors are detected in the membership information or when our company deems necessary in order to use our services.

Article 8 (Changing/Cancelling Reservations For Our Services)

1. When members need to change/cancel our service, you are responsible to process the change/cancellations on our site and our company will process it.

2. Members will be responsible to pay for any fees to change/cancel the reservation and/or penalties based on our travel agreement when making changes or cancellations.

3. Even if the user does not register for membership, we will not be able to make any changes if inappropriate or in violation of laws and regulations when users make reservations.

Article 9 (Payment Method)

1. Members and users will agree to our company’s payment method based on our payment agreement (

2. When using credit card payments, we will take necessary measures and we may seek damages when false information is entered or when the credit card company declines the payment for some reason or when our company reasonably deems improper use.

Article 10 (Usage Fee For Our Site)

When using our site for membership registration, membership fee and registration fee will not be charges.

Article 11 (Managing Personal Information)

1. Members and users will agree to our company’s privacy policy ( and

Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

2. Due to providing our services and various procedures, our company may share personal information with airline companies, bus companies, cruise operators, accommodation facilities, payment service companies and credit card companies.

Article 12 (Withdraw From Membership)

1. Members can withdraw from membership any time. But any reservations, or completed tours will not be cancelled even when withdraw from membership.

2. We may delete member subscription without notifying the member when any of the below applies:

When we are not able to contact the member due to changes or false address or email address.

When members refuse or delay payment to the services we have provided for no good reason.

When not purchasing from our site within the last 2 years since the last purchase or registration for membership.

When you commit an act that defies the below Article 13.

Article 13 (Prohibitions)

When using our site, members and users are prohibited from committing the below acts. When we deem necessary, our company may delete or ban the use of our site without notifying the member or user. We may claim compensation for damages to our member or user regardless of deleting membership or banning the use of our site.

・ Violating or terms and conditions.

・ Any acts likely to cause damage to our company, other members and third parties such as rights, privacy, intellectual property rights, property rights and ownership.

・ Any disadvantage or any acts likely to cause damage to our company or other members, users and third parties.

・ The act of slander, mental or property rights damage to our company, other members, users and third parties. The act of providing contradicting information contrary to public order and morals to other members and third parties.

・ Criminal act or act on the basis of criminal act.

・ Campaigning for election or similar acts, weather or not it is during the election period.

・ Sexual behavior, religious solicitation, political assertion or similar acts.

・ Granting income or cooperation against anti social forces.

・ Intentions for profit or similar acts without the consent of our company, our site or in connection to our site.

・ Linking sites that do not fit our image or corporate philosophy, linking sites that cause economic loss to our company, or linking any sites we deem unfit or that will cause trouble to our company.

・ Unauthorized use of member ID or password, or illegally gathering and disclosing personal information, registration information of other members.

・ Using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses through our service or in association with our service.

・ Sending spam mail, chain mail and junk mail.

・ Causing any troubles to our site or network system.

・ Asking the same questions excessively, acts of unreasonable inquiry or claims, or causing trouble or interference to our service or operation or other users on our site.

・ Violating laws and ordinances, judicial decision, decisions or orders, administrative measures with legal binding force.

・ Other inappropriate measures that our company deems.

Article 14 (Property Rights Of Our Site)

1. Information and services our site provides through texts, images, videos, recordings property rights belong to our company or third parties that have given us permission to use.

2. Members and users cannot use, play, copy, release, sell, distribute, resell, transfer, loan, translate, reprint or reuse information or services that our company provides beyond the scope of personal use.

3. All software includes trade secrets and property rights used in connection with the information and service we provide is protected by law for intellectual property rights .

Article 15 (Temporary Interruption)

We may temporarily interrupt or suspend our site when below issues arises.

・ For emergency maintenance.

・ When we are not able to operate our site due to war, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, earthquake, eruption, flooding, tsunami, fire, blackout and other emergency situations.

・ And any other emergency situations where we have no choice but to temporarily interrupt or suspend.

Article 16 (Changes To Our Terms)

1. We may revise our terms without prior notice to our members and users. And when the revised terms are viewable to our members and users, it will take effect.

2. Members and users are responsible to check our terms regularly. When using our site or service after we make revisions to our terms, it shall be deemed that members and users have agreed to our terms.

Article 17 (Applicable Law and Jurisdiction By Agreement)

Our terms shall be interpreted based on Japanese law, dispute regarding our terms, Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdiction court for court of first instance.

Article 18 (Advertisement Display)

There may be advertisement by our company or third parties on our site. All related to the use of advertisement by members or users shall be solved between the user and advertisers. However, excluding advertisement by our company.

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