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Changes and Cancellations

When changing or cancelling reservations on our LUKES travel site after paying by credit card, our below “Changes and Cancellation Rules” apply. You must agree with our “Changes and Cancellation Rules” when changing and cancelling reservations.

Article 1 (Changing and Cancelling Procedure)

We only accept changes and cancellations by email.

If contacted during a holiday or after business hours, we will process your request the next business day.

Article 2 (Fees Regarding Changes To Reservation)

If there are any changes in fees regarding the number of travelers, we will first refund all fees prior to the changes. Afterwards, please proceed to making a new reservation with the proper number of travelers and make the payment.

Article 3 (Refunds Regarding Cancellation of Reservation)

Regarding cancellation of reservation, cancellation fees may apply accordingly with our “Changes and Cancellation Rules”. When cancellation fees apply, please make the payment, and as soon as we confirm the payment, we will refund all fees prior to the cancellation.

Article 4 (Handling Fee)

There is a currency exchange handling fee for reservations and purchasing our products.

Article 5 (Cancellation Rules)

The below cancellation fees apply when cancelling for personal reasons.


Cancelling experience reservations
We will refund all fees if:
Cancelling within 24 hours of reservation.
Cancelling 14 days prior to the experience date.
Experience reservations that do not apply to the above will be charged in full.


Cancelling accommodation facilities
Cancellation rules and policy apply for all individual accommodation facilities.


Cancelling tours
The below cancellation rules apply:

Cancellation                                                                 DateCancellation Fee

8 days to 22 days prior to travel date                     20% of tour fee

2 days to 9 days prior to travel date                        30% of tour fee

1 day prior to travel date                                            40% of tour fee

The day of travel date                                                 50% of tour fee

No-show                                                                        100% of tour fee

Article 6 (Payment Method and Duration for Changes and Cancellation)

Credit card payments on our site are processed by credit card companies so we require time to process each reservation. Refund methods and durations vary by credit card companies but it will be processed by either method.

1.When the payment made before the changes are not automatically charged and only payments charged after the changes are applied.
(This method applies when changes and cancellations occur right after the payment transaction is completed but is before the credit card billing cutoff date.)

2.We ask that you contact your credit card company regarding refund payment methods, changes and duration for more detailed information.
(This method applies when the payment transaction is completed and changes and cancellations occur after the credit card billing cutoff date.)

We ask that you contact your credit card company regarding refund payment methods, changes and duration for more detailed information.

Article 7 (Extenuating Circumstances Where Cancellation Fees Do Not Apply)

Even when cancellation fees normally apply, we will make an exceptional refund if we deem the cancellation cause is applicable to our “Extenuating Circumstances”.
Extenuating Circumstances

1.Natural disasters and abnormal weather in place of departure or destination.
2.Emergency evacuation recommendation or travel bans issued by domestic and foreign governments after making the reservations.
3.Declaration of a state of emergency issued by a domestic and foreign trustworthy international health organization.
4.Severe property damage or unforeseeable maintenance trouble to the accommodation facility that directly interferes with the ability to safely accept customers.
5.Rights and duties of the people (such as jury duty) imposed by the government after making the reservations.

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