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About Kashihara city

Kashihara is a city located in the middle of Nara Prefecture. Home to many historical and archaeological landmarks, Kashihara was a pivotal location in various periods of Japan’s rich, diverse and extensive history.


Kashihara City is situated roughly in the centre of Nara Prefecture and stretches 7.5 km east to west and 8.3 km north to south, bordering Sakurai City to the east, Yamatotakada City to the west, Takatori Town and Asuka Village to the south and Tawaramoto Town to the north. Covering an area of 39.52 km2, it has few ups and downs overall, with the Asuka River flowing through the middle of the city and the Soga River to the west. The three mountains of Yamato (Mt Unebi: 199 m above sea level, Mt Miminari: 139 m above sea level and Mt Kagu: 152 m above sea level), which remind us of the Manyo period, rise above the city and in the centre of the mountains are the ruins of Fujiwara Palace, which was Japan's first capital some 1,300 years ago. The city is also dotted with other historical and cultural heritage sites.

The city has a well-developed railway network with 13 stations on the JR and Kintetsu railways, as well as a road network with National Routes 24, 165 and 169, making it conveniently located 30-40 minutes from Osaka, one hour from Kyoto, one hour from Kansai International Airport and two hours from Nagoya.

-Kashihara City Website

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